On-Demand Webinar: Next-Gen Correspondence in Acute-Care - Revolutionising Clinical Documentation & Processes⏰📢

The number of hospital outpatient visits have nearly doubled over the past decade from 54 to 94 million (at a cost of £8 billion a year), The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, June 23.

With the ever-increasing demand on healthcare, advances in medicine and technology need to be utilised and become part of day-to-day practice to support clinicians to keep up. 13.5 hours a week of clinical time is spent on clinical documentation – a third of working hours. Yet as outlined in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, 44% of all administrative work in general practice can be mostly or fully automated. AI applications including speech recognition can have significant benefit to automating processes and relieving clinical time.

Within this on-demand webinar, Prescribe Digital and Microsoft | Nuance, delved into how we can utilise innovative strategies and technology to help transform how healthcare professionals manage clinical correspondence across acute care settings.

Dr. Simon Wallace, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft | Nuance is a key speaker within the session, and shares practical insights and the benefits to clinicians and patients. 

Explore next-gen AI approaches to clinical correspondence that help with streamlining workflows, enhancing patient care, and reducing errors.

Key topics covered include:

  • The importance of efficient, accurate and timely correspondence in acute care environments

  • The role of technology which incorporates speech recognition, in facilitating seamless, end-to-end correspondence

  • Delivering on NHS Long Term Workforce Plan Objectives

  • Best practices for implementing and optimising systems

  • Next level innovations with ambient and generative AI. 

Moderated by:

  • Keli Shipley, Regional Client Executive at Health | Microsoft UK


  • Dr. Simon Wallace, CCIO at Microsoft | Nuance

  • Robin Kilner, Head of Consulting Services & Product Management at Prescribe Digital

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