Premium Medical Transcription

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Here when you need us: A flexible, quality service, provided by specialty-specific people who know your terminology.

Turnaround times of 24-48 hours as standard, or less when you need it.

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How we deliver:

Access specialty-led people: Content generated by fully trained medical transcription specialists.
Turnaround times to help prevent breaches: 24 to 48 hours as standard. Less than 24 hours when you need it.
Highly accurate,
ISO 9001 certified: Our specialists have been trusted in healthcare for decades.
Flexible service: Easy to implement. Ready to turn your audio into actionable clinical documentation.
In the format you need: We can transcribe into your templates, providing a secure, reliable service.
Export your excess workload: Ensure timely completion of important correspondence and reports.

Trusted to deliver in healthcare.

“They cleared a two-month backlog of typing within a couple of weeks which enabled the secretarial team to catch up and concentrate on other urgent work. 

“I would not hesitate to recommend Prescribe Digital.”

Senior Medical Secretary
Renal, Diabetes and EndoCrinology

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