Prescribe Task Force

Plug-in people support.

An easy-to-implement integrated extension to your administrative team: Ensure your workload demands are met.

Ready when your team needs us most.  We work as part of your workflow reliably, remotely and securely.

Extend your administrative workforce. Use our people support to help you:

Our team becomes part of your team.

How it works. In simple steps:

Instead of exporting your work, we remotely import our staff to you.

Our team then follows your workflow, in the same way as your staff.

A dedicated, fully trained, specialty specific team is assigned.

Our people securely access your systems, just as you do from home - eg via VPN, Citrix, VMware, HSCN.

Affordable: Costs are comparable to your medical administrators.

We can automatically step in to prevent turnaround breaches.

Our people generate documents in the formats you need and complete them in the systems you choose.

You remain in control: Get as little or as much support you need, when you need it.

Trusted in healthcare for decades.

“The team helped to reduce a significant backlog of report typing, which has had a huge impact to other departments within the trust. The quality of reports was also fantastic. Thank you to the team at Prescribe Digital for their support.”

Clinical Services Support Manager

Ensure timely clinical documentation, for effective care.

Work with a trusted team.