Amplify+: Next generation clinical document workflow platform

New Generation of clinical documentational work flow.

Amplify+® provides healthcare organisations with a unified workflow platform, which enhances patient outcomes and helps alleviate pressures on hospital staff, thereby maximising time and increasing productivity.

As a complete, end-to-end and AI-powered clinical documentation workflow solution, Amplify+® streamlines and enables efficiencies for all clinical documentation. It improves quality and accuracy whilst eliminating errors and inconsistencies in clinical data.

End-to-end AI-powered Workflow Management Solution with PAS-driven Clinic Lists.

Digital Dictation and Dragon Speech Recognition: Flexible options for clinicians to capture their audio.
Fully mobile & cloud based: Work from anywhere using the web or mobile application.
Optimise workflow: Maximise the time of in-house teams and seamlessly call on our people support when demand requires.
Zero Client Install, Azure Based: Fully browser-based or options to launch new jobs from EPR.
Populate pathways: Patient Pathway Manager pulls actions from correspondence, helping your team manage them to completion.
Electronic sign off: review and approve documents produced in your templates.

Drive efficiencies in clinical documentation, with a single easy-to-use platform.

Trusted to deliver in healthcare.

With the help of Prescribe Digital, we were able to take on so much more reporting without the need for any additional administrative hires. We are able to consistently hit turnaround times. The solution has the flexibility to be scaled up and down to your needs and requirements.
The solution has made a huge difference here at the Trust. The whole team go above and beyond to understand, create and simplify processes, tailored around you, and deliver results.

Cardiology Service Manager

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

Case Study

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University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust uses Prescribe’s workflow solution and outsourced transcription to streamline and transform their clinical workflow and increase documentation efficiency.

Make clinical documentation easy and efficient.

Take advantage of our powerful platform today.