Patient Pathway Manager

Automatically extract actions in clinical documents.

Help your team track them to completion.

Reduce risk: help prevent important actions in the patient pathway being missed. 

Deploy our intelligent software today to reduce reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes. 

Help pathway co-ordinators, administration teams, and clinicians:


Automatically pull patient actions, directly from clinical correspondence.
Trigger reminders for scans, tests, follow ups and more: help prevent breaches.
Benefit from proven algorithms to help reduce time spent processing documents.
Manage and monitor: gain full status visibility of each dictated clinical action.
Functionality to reassign actions when required.
Fully interoperable: with your own EPR, clinical systems and with our v11 platform.

Our team are trusted to deliver in healthcare.

“A prompt service with a high standard of accuracy. Without Prescribe Digital, our department would find work a lot harder, we are very grateful for working in partnership with you.” 

Assistant Speciality Manager

Royal Surrey

County Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Support efficient and timely management of patient pathways.

Draw on our secure, cloud-based solution today.