Overview: Amplifying Community and Mental Health Documentation Workflows

We recently hosted an impactful webinar titled “Amplifying Community and Mental Health Documentation Workflows,” presented by Microsoft | Nuance and Prescribe Digital. The focus was on empowering community and mental health practitioners with flexible, mobile solutions for enhancing documentation workflows, even in remote or disconnected areas.

As Community and Mental Health services continue to play a crucial role within the NHS, the demand for solutions that cater to the unique working conditions of practitioners is evident. Clinicians often operate beyond traditional office environments, requiring tools that support their mobility while ensuring the production of high-quality, secure documentation.

During the webinar, Prescribe Digital and Microsoft | Nuance showcased the synergistic capabilities of Prescribe’s Amplify+ workflow platform and Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition technology. Together, these solutions offer a mobile-centric approach to documentation, enabling practitioners to efficiently capture and produce accurate reports while on the move.

Speakers included:

• Robin Kilner, Head of Consulting Services & Product Management at Prescribe Digital
• Keli Shipley, Regional Client Executive – Health at Microsoft UK
• Robert Lamprell, Senior Healthcare Consultant at Microsoft | Nuance.

The session delved into various mobile use cases, illustrating how this technology is not only applicable to community and mental health settings but also beneficial for other scenarios requiring mobility, such as ward rounds, emergency care, and private practice environments.

By leveraging the combined power of Prescribe Digital and Microsoft | Nuance technologies, healthcare teams can support remote working and deliver seamless documentation, regardless of location.

Interested in viewing the on-demand webinar or learning more about our services and solutions?

Contact Robin Kilner on: +44 (0)203 282 7110 or email: r.kilner@prescribe-digital.com