Meet your Prescribe Digital Team

Let us introduce you to our friendly, knowledgeable team of health care expert:
Charles Frost

Charles is a Director and works closely with all existing and new clients in the UK. He is passionate about the importance of clinical correspondence and delivering improvement through technology and people support.


Prior to joining Prescribe, Charles practised as a solicitor where producing documentation was a significant part of his role. He therefore has a real understanding of being a user of software built to support that process.


Charles has a young family with three children, including twins, who keep him busy outside of work! He enjoys the countryside and spends as much time outdoors in Herefordshire with his family as possible.

Mark Frost
Managing Director

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Mytch Tomalabcad
Customer Service Manager

Mytch is Customer Service Manager at Prescribe and has been with the company since 2010. She is very well known amongst all clients due to her responsiveness and determination to help out! Mytch is truly dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers.


In her spare time, Mytch enjoys travelling, relaxing with nature, and going on missions.

Robin Kilner
Head of Consulting Services & Product Management

Robin has over 20 years of consulting experience on workflow solutions, processes and transformation strategies. Spanning a range of industries including legal, international banking and finance and, for the last 9 years, healthcare.

Focused very much on speech derived automation within a clinical setting, Robin has worked at Nuance/Microsoft and Verbio – Voice AI.

Born and raised in Yorkshire. Outside of work, Robin has three children which keep him busy, and any spare moments are spent trawling record shops adding to his vinyl collection.

Emma Gumbs
Client Relationship Manager

Emma is an experienced professional in Account Management and Sales who has worked across a range of industries including Health, Manufacturing, Film & TV and Financial Services.


She is passionate about supporting the NHS particularly following two difficult pregnancies following which she very much appreciates the level of care and services they provide. Emma is a mum of two girls and spends most of her spare time with them.