Described by users as ‘the gold standard’ in Medical Transcription. Our team of highly skilled (and mostly clinically qualified) medical transcriptionists and Quality Editors deliver an “on-demand” typing service that enables you and your team to stay on track with your clinical documents. Avoid backlogs at even the busiest of times, with our guaranteed standard turnaround time of 24-48 hours or less. Your voice files are transcribed and quality edited to the highest possible level, by our dedicated specialty teams. With our fully automated document production systems, your work can be returned directly to the author/speaker, or electronically distributed.

Prescribe Digital operates in high-tech, secure data centres which provide excellent infrastructure and easy access to our professional workforce. We operate 24 hours a day, on every working day of the year. You will also benefit from full access to our production and operational teams.



The ultimate tool in the management of patient correspondence.

An easy to use tracking tool that assures medical secretaries, administrators and authors that all action/s (instructions to secretary) from the outsourced transcription are captured, monitored and managed through to completion. Audit Trail Assist (ATA) archives and records all instructions securely for when they are needed in the future, providing visibility and clarity at all levels along the patient journey. ATA also further assists by triggering reminders at set intervals to follow-up. This simple daily list of tasks provides your hospital with complete governance assurance.

No more paper notes, lost or delayed instructions. All saving you valuable time and minimising clinical risk.


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Prescribe eDoc v10™ is an online platform managing your clinical document journey. This includes capturing your audio files, managing the transcribed and quality edited documents through our highly automated production processes to your desired destination e.g for downloading by you, to the author for e-signature or directly into your EHR and then distribution by mail or electronically.

The system is highly secure and fully encrypted (AES RSA 256-bit), it requires no input by your “inhouse IT”, thereby minimising time. There is no upfront technology cost for you, no hardware or software – simply “plug and go”! Numerous features in this platform (including File Management) are also available to help with your clinical document efficiency. Dashboards provide key management information e.g use by Department/Clinician.

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Upload audio files securely from anywhere 

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Receive, type, edit and quality assure your clinical documentation

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Electronically download your completed transcripts to your preferred system  


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Prescribe Plus+ (PP+)™ is a complete managed 360° solution delivering all the benefits of our Premium Medical Transcription and document processing service. Instead of you exporting the typing, we virtually import the typists to you, fully supporting your administrative team. Our highly experienced production staff connect into your in-house system to type, edit, and quality control your work, placing documents when completed directly into your EHR, thereby eliminating any handling on your side and avoiding delays.

Simply tap into your specialty designated, highly experienced medical typing team, to ensure exceptional accuracy and quality standards are consistently maintained. We can turn your work around live in session, in 24 hours or within an agreed KPI to suit your needs.


“Prescribe has been extremely responsive to our needs and has worked to understand our business so they can provide the best business model to assist us to do our work. Their team is professional and flexible and they are always respectful and willing to help with any issues we experience. Their staff are knowledgeable and experts in their field.”

- Director, Auckland District Hospital, New Zealand (2019)